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Scottsdale Salon Studio started with a vision and the experience that came with being an independent salon owner. Our struggle is your gain because walking this road alone creates stress and obstacles when traveling this journey. Through the hard work and dedication of starting a salon independently, the suites at Scottsdale Salon Studio became the inspiration and driving force behind creating this environment. The amenities that our suites provide are tailored to the trials that our own journey made. Your personalization matters because that is all a part of individuality in a small business environment.

At Scottsdale Salon Studio, we cater to the driven professional who wants to help clients achieve their appearance goals, whether they require hair, nail, or skincare needs. Since the founding of Scottsdale Salon Studios encompasses the beginning entrepreneur, we can guide you since that journey has given us the required experience. Success is a mentality that we must all pursue to achieve our goals and aspirations. Our goal is to create an environment that gives you the independent freedom you seek to open a salon of your own but allows you have the team members that make strategies more effective.

Our walks of life are all different, but our need for success is shared through salon ownership and caring for individuals’ beauty needs. Our suites are made for you with a design that offers you the personalized environment you want to care for your clients while creating your brand and reputation that will consistently boost your success. Reach out to Scottsdale Salon Studio, and let’s start your journey to salon ownership and independence.

Danielle boldon

Owner/ founder

Danielle Boldon a hairstylist of 22 years from Houston Texas, now living in Scottsdale, Arizona for 19 years has a vision for Salon Studios. Not only does she have her own Salon Studio, Tabu Salon, she is focused on opening more aesthetically pleasing studios for other stylist. Her, herself renting studios at the age of 25 realized salon spaces were like strip malls – Rooms and Hallways.

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