Danielle Boldon

Owner/ founder

Danielle Boldon a hairstylist of 22 years from Houston Texas, now living in Scottsdale, Arizona for 19 years has a vision for Salon Studios. Not only does she have her own Salon Studio, Tabu Salon, she is focused on opening more aesthetically pleasing studios for other stylist. Her, herself renting studios at the age of 25 realized salon spaces were like strip malls – Rooms and Hallways.

Danielle knew aesthetically pleasing salon studios were needed in the city of Scottsdale. Danielle wanted to create a beautiful space and environment for stylist and their clients something that they could be proud to be a part of. In the year of 2013, Danielle purchased her first building, now known as Scottsdale Salon Studios on Scottsdale Road and Shea Blvd that holds 15 salon suites. Fast forward 10 years later and Scottsdale Salon Studios is growing more than ever. From the success and demand of Danielle’s salon studios, Danielle decided to expand and open Scottsdale Salon Studios Second Edition coming this summer, featuring 24 salon suites and a Med Spa.